Return process

  1. Preparing the return shipment
    • Pack the product in the original packaging and box.
    • Please use the original box, in order to save paper and carton.
    • Please use tape in order to close the box.
  2. Return label
    • Stick the return label, which is enclosed, on the box and make sure the original sticker is
  3. Return the package
  4. Money transfer
    • You will recieve a confirmation email when your order has been processed by our warehouse.
      We will then transfer the amount to your Paypal or creditcard account.
    • In case you have further doubts, or comments please feel free to contact us:

Right to recall

In case you are not satisfied with the products which have been delivered or you simply changed your mind, after you have received the order confirmation, you can return the product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, according to the return process, which is mentioned on our website

This right to recall, can be processed without a reason of return and without any fee. Please be aware that as long as you have the products in hands, you have to handle them with care.

Warranty for defected products

Next to the above, we acknowledge a warranty for 1 year for defects in the products. A ‘defect’ can be assigned to a product, when there is a production or material default, within 1 year after year after the purchase. A default or damage with the cause of ‘wearing out’ can’t be accepted as a default. You can return the defected product, within 1 year after the purchase, with return of the full amount of the product and including the shipment costs.